Mothers Have Needs Too!

Allison Gilbert, LMFT, Santa Cruz Counselor Lic: MFC 24087


 Does this job description sound familiar?


   Be alone at home with no co-workers
      or extended family.

Zero income, minimal lunch breaks;

      work full-time while on vacation.

       Perform under-valued, repetitive work
        that's quickly undone.

             Important requirement: act lovingly 24/7,
             despite daily complaints from very small clients.

     Moms, you can rewrite your job description.
(Click here to read an article on rewriting your job description.)

This Workshop will help you:

Strengthen your pride
 in this work
by discussing its value with other mothers.
 ♥ Embrace motherhood
(& your children), slow down,

accept and enjoy this brief, fleeting stage in your life.
     ♥ Revitalize your workload
       so it meets your needs too.

Workshop--"Motherhood:Nurturing the Work of Heart":

 Date:  none scheduled; contact Allison if you can get an online group together - we can do it through video - or contact

:  $84 +$10 materials fee - includes the workbook
 (babies in arms are welcome!)

If you are told the class has been canceled, email or call Allison Gilbert.
We might be able to put together another date/time/place or online group.
The workbook contains writing exercises & over 40

  heartfelt essays written by mothers from the
  award winning newsletter, "Welcome Home," of
:none - online?

If You're Ready to Receive Validation for All The Important Work You Do,

Register for this class by
Calling Allison at (831) 425-4475 or email 


What Other Mothers Have Said About this Workshop:

"I really benefited from focusing on and examining closely my wishes, ideas and the realities of mothering. I feel better and more important in my role as caregiver and think I'll be a more mindful parent because of this class. The workbook is a great tool and I know I'll continue to use it and refer to it often!" ~Tracy L. (Workshop Participant)

I have gotten so much out of this workshop (even though I missed 2 sessions). It has really helped me..." Patricia W.(Workshop Participant)

"Just want you to know that you are a wonderful group leader and I really appreciate your presence and how you lead us during our meetings. You have a special way of gently guiding us mothers and are a true inspiration." ~Dyane & 'Avi' (Workshop Participant and 2 yr old daughter)
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There is no more important work than the job of nurturing children.

Kids thrive when Momma's happy.

Get some care for yourself by speaking with a therapist.

You will feel renewed and have more energy to mother with love.

Call or email today for more info

   (831)425-4475  or CLICK HERE

When you're doing well, your whole family wins.


 Sessions are affordable and you can use your insurance:

Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Blue Sheild, APS, MHN, ValueOptions, Coastal & many others, just ask..

 Quotes from Satisfied Mothers:                                                                                                                                          

 "Allison, you were a lifesaver. I hope you don't mind my rhapsodizing about your help, but I am still incredibly grateful to you for helping our family in our time of need, and so I will continue boasting about how awesome you are to just about anyone who will listen."-Mother of a preschooler and a newborn

"Thanks for everything. You have been such a great  help! My husband told me that he thinks this is the best we have ever done."  -Mother of a preschooler and a toddler

"I love getting your emails, Allison!  Keep up the great work!" -Mother of elementary school children, who also owns an online business