Mothers Have Needs Too!

Allison Gilbert, LMFT, Santa Cruz Counselor Lic: MFC 24087

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  1. Find Other Mothers - Links and suggestions for connecting with other moms.
  2. Accomplish One Thing Only - Do you ever feel like you get nothing accomplished?
  3. It's a Job - Do you ever feel like running away?
  4. Gratitude - Sometimes all we need is a change in perspective.
  5. It's OK To Cry - When you hit rock bottom.
  6. Know Your Parenting Style - Parenting simplified.
  7. Know Your Worth - What is the true value of a mother's work? 
  8. Have a Higher Purpose - Something to keep you going through the hard times.
  9. Teach Your Husband - Do you ever have trouble getting your husband to understand how hard your new job is? 
  10. Get Help - It's impossible to do this job all alone even though our culture's set up so we are alone at times.
  11. Have Your Own Money - Claim your right to feel wealthy even if you don't bring in the paycheck.
  12. Admit Your Faults - Be a role model of how to be an imperfect human being.
  13. Schedule It In - How to find time for all of your commitments.
  14. Slow Down - This job does have it's rewards and one of them is letting go of the rat race.
  15. Find Your Identity - Have you lost your identity since letting go of paid employment?
  16. Be a Caretaker - Feel good about being a loving, giving human being without losing yourself in the process.
  17. Emotional Self-Care - Here are some ways of taking care of your emotional needs. 
  18. Volunteer - Volunteer work is so necessary for our society to function and so good for you too. 
  19. Love Yourself - We could all use some extra love. 
  20. Your Health Matters - Ideas, links and suggestions for your health because you matter to your family.
  21. Depend on Your Man - What else can you do if you let go of paid employment?  You deserve to be supported as a mother.
  22. Defrag Your Marriage - Children can make it hard to communicate with your husband.   Forgive yourself and him for the marriage problems.
  23. Keep Your Own Interests - Do you wonder what you're going to do all day with your kids?
  24. Rewriting Your Job Description - Revitalize your daily workload so that it meets your needs too. 
  25. Asking Your Husband for Money - Caring for children is 24/7 with no pay.  Who's going to support you?
  26. Reflux, Colic and Special Needs Babies - It's not your fault.
  27. Holistic Shame and Guilt - You really can take care of yourself in any way you need to and it doesn't always have to be natural.
  28. Mothers Have Needs Too! - Talking with a therapist is a great way of getting support and taking care of yourself.
  29. EFT For Self-Help - Take the time to learn this technique.  Care for your own emotional life and your kids' too.
  30. "Holiday Season" Tips for Jewish Mothers - Give kids Jewish pride.
  31. How To Stay Married  It's difficult to keep a marriage together when you are so "touched out".
  32. Mother's Days & Birthdays Every day is Mother's Day.