Mothers Have Needs Too!

Allison Gilbert, LMFT, Santa Cruz Counselor Lic: MFC 24087


Motherhood is Voluntary
Motherhood requires volunteering your time and sometimes your best years to a job performed 24/7 for no pay.  Mothers willingly take on this voluntary position out of the intense love they have for their children.  Society gets a free ride on the backs of mothers who often wind up volunteering for many other positions as their children grow.

"Helping" the Teachers
I remember the first time I volunteered to help out in my son's kindergarten class for a couple of hours once a week.  My only reason for volunteering was so I could spy.  I wanted the best for my beloved little boy and so I needed to keep an eye on things.  He might need me!  His teacher might be mean!  Or maybe the other kids would hurt him!

After a few years of "helping" the teacher, I could see how my love and overprotection was worth quite a bit to the school district.  The teachers really needed me!  I made their jobs a bit easier, picked up some of the slack and gave them more time for the children who needed extra attention.  Each and every field trip could never have happened without all of the volunteers who provided the transportation.

Many Ways to Volunteer
As my kids grew older, my volunteer work expanded:  fundraising for the school...helping my rabbi's wife cook for the multitudes...outreach for Chabad...helping to write a charter school...speaking out at school board meetings...activism against wireless radiation...PTA President...

Importance of Volunteers
I've come to realize just how important volunteers are.  There are unpaid jobs that absolutely need to get done and without the help of volunteers, our children and our world would lose out big time.  And it's usually the stay-at-home mommies who have the time to volunteer.  Without them, this world would be a sorry place.

Give & Get Back
Best of all, whatever I gave, I got back.  First, I got to be a role model for my children - teaching them the importance of giving and the power we all have when we just get involved.  Second, volunteering helped remind me of skills I thought I'd lost after I became "just" a mommy (I got to fill out my resume with loads of impressive volunteer work I'd been involved in for over a decade when it came time for me to look for paid work again).  Third, I got to meet and become friends with all the other volunteers who just happen to be the best mommies in town.

Mothers Are Volunteers
Mothers are so amazing.  Out of the love we have for our children, we do whatever's needed in the moment it's needed whether it pays or not.  If our children will benefit, we step up to whatever task is in front of us and the rest of the world profits from our unpaid labor.  If you're a mother, you are automatically a volunteer.

2007 Allison Gilbert, M.A., L.M.F.T.; Free Tips

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